The Storms Of Life

You never know what the storms of life will bring you.. after the rain and howling wind settles down, and the night is over, there is a new dawn, where the sun rises and a new day begins.

For my husband and I , we faced our storm recently. A huge line of rain and wind blew through our state about 10 days ago, and it took with it part of our roof and the eaves of our house (the sides of the roof). Our house is now unliveable and the city came by and condemned it. They told us that we had to move from there because the house is too damaged to live in.

My husband has lived in this house since the early 90's.. I moved here in 2005. We have had many good times here and our cats know this place as their home. I brought Shadow kitty here when he was just a baby, and the other cats...well, they were born here and have spent their entire life here, playing in the yard, wondering through the woods, and sleeping by my side.

Their playmate, Momma Kitty died here at home after living for 17 years, and we buried her by the riverside where she could be at peace, where the last rays of the sun could touch the ground where she lays. Sometimes in the morning the cats and I wake up together after snuggling all night long and we watch the sunrise and listen to the birds play, while I sip my coffee. When the night falls, sometimes we walk to the shoreline and watch the sun set over the edge of the Halifax river, where we can all be together, just us, the earth, and our spirits as one.

We have had good times here.. My husband proposed to me here in this home, on bended knee. We built our life together here, collecting the things that we loved.  I've built three altars here, and I created the Satanas Shop here, too. We made it our cozy little home. It's sentimental, I suppose, but it is where we love to be.

But, now we have to go. And we just don't know where we are going to go to. The storm that devastated our house took part of the roof with it and left the yard a mess. Our house wasn't the only one that got ruined that fateful night, though. There were other homes in the area that also took damage, too. The winds that ripped through here were nearly 70mph and the rain blew sideways as the wind howled that night. The next morning the city code enforcement came to our door and posted that notice that told us that we would have to leave.

We never expected to have to move, but throughout all of this I am trying to see this as a new opportunity to leave this place and start a new life. We have been looking for another house that we can live in, preferably one in the same area that has a yard - or one that isn't too close to the street, so that my cats can be safe. I know Shadow kitty and his adventurous nature, and he would dart across the street to chase a bird or another cat, if we lived too close to the street's edge.  I have lived in a house that was close to a street and I lost two beloved pets that way, so I fear for his safety. He is young and active but my other two furbabies are too lazy (and well-fed) to run like he does.

We need a two-bedroom house, so that we can use the spare room for my Dance Stuido, and also for a home office and room for my Satanas Shop. We can't get an apartment - all though an apartment would be easier to find, but my cats have lived their entire lives with the freedom of the outdoors and I just couldn't entrap them indoors, it wouldn't be fair to their free spirits. And its difficult to live in an apartment as a Satanist. I've had a landlord who refused to enter into my apartment to have it bugged and cleaned because they didn't like my Satanic house decorations! I thought it was rude!

Our limited funds at this time make this search all the more difficult. I am working full time at a job that I took last week, and while it will provide for us, it's just not enough to get us where we need to be by the end of this month, I fear. My husband - the sweet loving Taurus that he is, always worked hard all of his life but his health got the best of him recently.

Now he is disabled, he has diabetic neuropathy that makes it difficult for him to walk. He is always in pain, its so hard for him to get around. He got fired for his disability and we are pursuing a discrimination suit because his employer was foolish enough to give him a dismissal letter stating that he was being fired for being disabled! Where we live that is against the law. And my husband, in between constant doctors visits, is working towards getting his SSID, (and that will be helpful), but that may not come to pass for 12-18 months down the road. His unemployment only pays for his health insurance to cover his doctors visits and medications, and it's only tempoary.

The Satanas Shop, and a few of the other online shops that I have were an excellent secondary source of income, where I could help provide for us, save a little on the side and do what I LOVE to do - all at the same time. But now, without an address, I can't run my business and I have to put it aside for a while until we get a permanent address. When it rains, it pours. I've had to put my shop and dancing site on hold so that we can pack our things and find a new place to stay, wherever that new place may be.

I suppose that a change had to come. This house is old, and it no longer suits our needs.. and its time for a new direction, a new day is dawning and with it, a new hope that with time, everything will be better than before. This will be a tough road to walk for the next few months, and while I put my Satanas Shop on hold, and some of my other projects on the back burner, I will have to get my life, (and our lives!) back in order.

It's my mission to make sure that me, my husband, and our furbabies find a place that we can be happy and comfortable with - a place that we can call home... and I hope that this comes to pass as quickly as possible. I'm working 5 days a week to make sure that I can contribute what I can and in the meantime, I've been slowly packing what we will take with us and leaving the rest behind.

I want to thank my fans for always being there for me, for following my work all of these years and I also want everyone to know that I haven't given up on the goals that I have set for myself now, and in the future. I will have more time to work on my book now that my Shop isn't open for the next few months, and I am trying to keep a positive frame of mind even though I am surrounded by devistation at this moment. My life feels like a phoenix that will rise from the ashes of what has become and through this, me, my family and everyone who knows me will become stronger for what has become.

You can help in all of this..

If you would like to donate, please visit this page at my shop -
Your donation will go towards the funds that we will need to get a new place to live, and it will ensure that the Satanas Shop (and all my other projects, including my videos, website, writings, blogs and everything else that I contribute for everyone online) will remain online. Even if it's only a dollar, that dollar will help me and my family to recover in this devastating time. I have never asked my fans for any donations, EVER - I never felt that I had to because I want to work for the things that I earn, and I've always enjoyed giving to them from my heart, just because that I can and it's what I want to do.. But if you can help, it would be so appreciated. And when you donate, you get 20% off your next order at the Satanas Shop, and you'll be on the list for the first to find out when the NEW Satanas Shop will open.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for your support and your well wishes during this stormy time.. Here's  to new starts, the storms of the night that bring the mornings bright dawn, and the endings that create new beginnings!

If you would like to donate, please visit this page at my shop -

New Items, Jar Candles and Refills

Been waiting to add this item to the shop for a while! These are the new Jar Candles and jar candle refills. They are 7x2 inch beeswax candles made jsut for altar and magic use. They come in all the colors so they can be used for whatever purpose is needed.

I have used candles like these to do ongoing spells. A friend of mine gave me a white candle that I burned while my husband was undergoing healing. I burned this white candle on my Venus Altar. You can see pictures of my altar and candle burning to Venus in my youtube video, The Goddess Venus . I believe that the candle that was given to me in a time of need helped us to be stronger and it allowed us to both heal together.

You can purchase these candles without the glass or purchase the set, with the candle already poured into the glass. If you purchase the candles with the glass you can always get additional candles to use as a refill.

You can also carve your candle with symbols, words, or sigils. Dress and anoint your candle with magical oils and herbs. Use them as a focal point for your altar. Take a photograph and tape it to the side of the candle to create a spell. There are so many useful ways to use these candles and they are sure to be a useful accessory for your altar.

~ Venus Satanas

New Categories at the Satanas Shop

Introducing the new categories at the Satanas Shop:

Beauty and Bath:
Since I'm always working with oils and other natural products, I decided to create a line of bath and beauty products. The nice thing about these items is that some of them can be used before spell work, to capture the essences of certain herbs and other natural substances, and to enhance spell work.

Some of the items that I have added are the Dead Sea Salt Scrub which is not only useful for exfoliating and renewing the skin, but its a natural way to stay healthy. Some of the formulas contain dried herbs (some of which are from my new herb garden!) Use your (herbal) salts for magic, too.

Another item is the Brown Sugar and Honey scrub which is made with pure sweet organic honey, and organic brown sugar. It leaves the skin glowing, soft and moisturized.

These products are made with all-natural ingredients, and they don't contain the harmful chemicals that can be found (unfortunately) in brand-name products.

More items will be added to this collection as time goes on. You can visit my other shop at Etsy to see my incense & beauty and bath products ->

Essential Oils
This new category Ive been waiting to create for a long time! I wanted to make sure that I could find pure sources at a reasonable price, so that I could offer the best essential oils for your magic use here at the Satanas Shop. More of these oils will be added as time goes on.

New Candles at the Satanas Shop

Introducing the new candles available at the Satanas Shop..

Beeswax Taper Candles
Today, I added some new photos of the beautiful beeswax candles at the shop. Beeswax is natural and it smells divine when it is burning. Along the way, I discovered that when beeswax is burned, like in a candle, it has the effect of positively charging the negative ion particles in the air. It also burns cleanly, and does not drip unlike some candles. The Satanas Shop beeswax candles are hand rolled and they fit into the mini candle holders at the Satanas Shop.

New Votive Colors
I also added some new candle colors in the Votives section. The Black color is the most popular, followed by the Red, but I am sure that you will find a good magical and ritual use for the other colors that are now available. For the list of candle colors and spell influences, visit the Articles Index page to read about Candle Colors by Association. The new colors are purple, blue, orange, and green.

Along with this I added some great votive candle holders too, one style in a dazzling triangle shape and other styles in colored glass, all at affordable prices. The Satanas Shop votives fit in these candle holders.

It is recommended that burning a votive in a candle holder lets you enjoy your candle burning for a lot longer than if you burned it without a holder. The challenge in using votive holders is that it can be tricky to get the wax out after you burn them. You could crack or damage the glass if you try to dig it out with a knife. Instead, place your candle holder in the freezer for a few minutes, and the used and melted wax will separate from the glass and slide right out.


Sometimes you want to create your own oils for magical use. It is easy to create a natural herbal oil to use. A herbal oil is created by combining a carrier oil along with selected fresh or dried herbs. Sometimes you want to create a herbal oil in place of an essential oil to capture the essence of earth. A magical oil that you create yourself has your own powers and associations created with it, so it can be a useful tool in magic and rituals. These ingredients can be easily found at any store.

All you will need is:
Some clean jars with an airtight lid
70% isopropyl alcohol
Fresh or dried herbs
Carrier Oil
Dark storage space

The best time to start a recipe like this is on the day or night of a full moon. First, decide what kind of oil you would like to make. A simple start would be a Sage herbal oil, that could be used in a spell for wisdom or knowledge, for example. Once you know what kind of herbs you would like to use, then its time to choose a carrier oil.

A good oil that goes with sage is olive oil (Venus), as it blends well with herbal scents, but sunflower oil (Sun) would be appropriate as well. Once you have your herb and carrier oil selected, then get your jars.

You want to make sure that your jar has a lid that is air-tight. Any excess air flow will degrade your oil, possibly making it spoil. Put your dried or fresh herbs into the jar, filling it almost to the top, wile leaving some room. Add your oil into this and stir it around to get the air bubbles out. You will be surprised at how much air can get trapped within it, and its important to get the oil in contact with all of the herb so they can absorb into each other.

Once that is finished, add a *tiny* bit of 70% isopropyl alcohol, perhaps only a few drops to condition the oil and to keep it from spoiling and to help the herb blend with the oil. You don't want too much alcohol because it will cut your oil into water when the alcohol has dried after time, and it could be irritant.

Some witches recommend using vodka, but I have found that regular rubbing alcohol, (used very conservatively) works just as well and has a cleaner scent. Remember that any kind of alcohol is volatile and flammable, and oil is flammable as well, so use reasonable caution in handling them near any fire or flame.

When your jar is filled, find a dark hiding place to keep it in, and leave it there for a full phase of the moon (about 28 days). This gives your oil time to brew in the dark and out of sight.

If you use dried herbs it is a good idea to check on your oil once in a while and shake it gently so that the herb can dissolve into the oil. When you are ready to use the oil you will want to transfer it to another clean jar. The best place to do this is in the kitchen at the sink. Glass jars and oil are slippery.

Decide if you want to keep some of the herb as you put it into the other jar. If you do not, it does not matter, it is all right either way you choose. Carefully strain the mixture through your cheesecloth. It takes a while to do this but once you do, you will have a jar of fresh herbal oil that you can use for your magic. An oil that is carefully crafted like this could be used for a months, if not longer.

This is the same process that I have used to create some of my own personal oils. For instance, I created a fiery cinnamon oil using this method, and a peppery Mars black pepper oil for magic as well, and I will be glad to have them to use when the need arises. I find that it is a natural solution in crafting magic, and easy to do as well.

*Remember to use any oil with caution. Test for skin sensitivity by doing a patch test (on the inside of your wrist) at least 24 hrs before you use a new oil. If your oil is too strong dilute it with your carrier oil.

(c) Venus Satanas 2010

Witch Market, Pagan Auctions

Visit Witch Market, it is the Pagan Ebay site! !000's of pagan and witchcraft auction listings. You can find some original and unique handcraft items, charms, spell work, tarot decks, candles, essential and aromatic oils, spell kits, altar items, pagan and occult statues.. Just about anything you need or want.

Best of all it is free to list, and only 3% selling fee after your item sells. you cant beat that! Witch Market is a growing community where you can find all of your spell crafting needs in one place.

I have some listings there as well and I am looking forward to this community growing more and more each day. You can find my listings here.

Visit WITCH MARKET today


Baphomet Oil
The Baphomet is a symbolic creature that represents the essence of Satanic Spirituality. It is a half goat-androgynous figure that has been illustrated in many occult manuals as an image of Satan. The Baphomet is a deity to some who worship her for what she represents. I have come to recognize the baphomet as a spiritual, magical image that illustrates the balance between nature, humans, animals, magic, religion, and spirituality.

Baphomet Oil is a spiritual oil that creates a calm, focused environment. Use this oil to self-anoint or for magic work, or in an oil burner during meditation. It has an association with all four elements so it is a balanced fragrance that stimulates the mind and the spirit. The intent of this oil is to create balance, to dissolve past association, and to bring about manifestation, so it is a good overall mixture to use in meditation.

Baphomet Oil is a balanced scent with earthy undertones. It has a base of patchouli that captures the essence of the earth element, and to this is added the vibrant qualities of lavender, the spiritual scent of amber, and the dark and feminine scent of Jasmine. It is a herbal and fragrant scent. The patchouli is an earthly scent that is grounding, the lavender is calming and focusing, the amber is uplifting and spiritual and the jasmine, a lunar element, blends well with all of these scents. All of these aromas are intended to bring balance and focus.

Unlike some spiritual scents, this formula is not too overpowering that it is distracting, it is subtle enough that it will aid you in concentration and it will be uplifting as well. Because it combines all of the elements in a harmonious way it is excellent for balancing. You can add all of these qualities to your spell work to help you to obtain what you desire.

This oil should be made on a Saturday for its association with Saturn. Start with a base
of vitamin e oil, perhaps 1/2 an ounce if you want some to store for later. Add to this 4 drops of patchouli, 3 drops of Lavender, 2 drops of Amber and 1 drop of Jasmine. Store this in an airtight jar if necessary or use it immediately in spell work.

While you mix these oils it is appropriate to think of the qualities of Baphomet. While you do this, your oil will be charged and ready to use, no need to consecrate it. If you burn this with candle spells, it would be best to use a Black candle for its association with Saturn.

If you are interested, I created an invocation to use along with the creation of this formula.

Baphometic Invocation:
I call upon Baphomet! Father of Wisdom, Mother of Truth and Lie, Bringer of Day and Night! Gather and dissolve your Silent wisdom among us! As we look inside we will know, As within so Without, As above, So below! - Venus Satanas

*Remember to use any oil with caution. Test for skin sensitivity by doing a patch test (on the inside of your wrist) at least 24 hrs before you use a new oil. If your oil is too strong dilute it with your carrier oil.

(C) Venus Satanas 2010

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